Oladapo A Fagbenro


Ctenopoma kingsleyae specimens obtained from River Oluwa in Agbabu (Ondo State Nigeria) were analyzed for flesh yield, proximate composition, mineral content and amino acid composition. The relative proportion of flesh, head and viscera to total biomass were determined in male and female specimens. Flesh yield was 35.91±3.49% and 41.96±3.41% of total biomass for male and female; waste yield (head, viscera, scales) was 32.07±1.55% and 35.39±1.26% for male and female fish, respectively. There were positive correlations between total body weight fish and flesh yield (r2 = 0.980 and r2 =0.991 for male and female C. kingsleyae) and between total body weight and total waste (r2 = 0.902 and 0.938 for male and female C. kingsleyae), respectively. Female C. kingsleyae had higher protein and ash values than male samples. Male C. kingsleyae had higher moisture content than female C. kingsleyae. Male fish had higher mineral content values than female C. kingsleyae in Na, Mg, Fe, and Cr while female fish had higher K, Ca, Zn. Cu, Mn and P than male fish. There were significant differences (P≤0.05) in mineral composition of male and female C.kingsleyae. High percentage of protein, mineral content, essential amino acid profile and the high flesh yield potential as well as low lipid content confirmed that male and female C. kingsleyae are nutritious and represent a suitable source of animal protein in human diets.
Key words: Flesh yield, waste yield, nutrient composition, Ctenopoma kingsleyae.

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